World-Class Customer Service

We are known for our flexibility, superior products, swift response time, and economical solutions. We provide rapid response customer service with a personal touch. Representatives answer calls and follow through to ensure an accurate response within 24 hours. Our digitized operations enable efficient order tracking and information retrieval. Our dedicated, experienced employees are encouraged to take ownership and initiative toward continuous improvement. With their assistance, Cedar Concepts is poised to increase its position as the Chicago facility for its customers.

Contract Manufacturing

Processing other companies’ raw materials or
semi-finished products requires uncompromising confidentiality. The level of trust our customers place in us gives them the confidence to use our strategically located plant as their Midwest facility.


We pride ourselves on a solid track record of on-time delivery. Your order can be shipped worldwide via truck and rail, in bulk, drums, totes, super sacks, bags and custom packaging. Products are available when and where our customers need them and we work hard to ensure that orders are delivered on time and complete with full and accurate documentation—proactively keeping customers informed throughout the process.


We are one of only a few companies that can turn a solid of 2,000 pounds at room temperature into light, compact little pieces. The lightness and compactness of these flake-shaped pieces facilitate handling and provide excellent weight- and space-savings in transport.


Pastillation produces a special solid shape with a large contact surface that significantly reduces melt time and improves productivity at our customers’ operations. Depending on the material being dissolved, the melt time savings could reach 50 percent. The improved bulk density means lower packaging, shipping, and storage costs. Also, pastillation significantly reduces dust in the workplace, eliminating the need for constant shakedown of filtration systems, extensive dust handling equipment, and time-intensive remedial procedures. It helps our customers meet OSHA's personnel exposure to particles limits.