Betaines, alkanolamides, amine oxides, fatty acid esters, methyl esters, fatty alcohol blends... (more)


Being a responsible corporate citizen means caring for the earth and the people that live here... (more)

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Cedar Concepts launches its new website to reflect our brand. (more)


We are known for our flexibility, superior products, swift response time, and economical solutions... (more)


Pesonal care, household products, or to aid metalworking, agricultural, or aerospace processes... (more)

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Since 1991, Cedar Concepts Corporation has been delivering industry-leading speed, flexibility, processing capabilities... (more)

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time-tested and innovative chemistries for some of the most demanding applications on earth. Through demonstrated value, collaboration, and applied science, Cedar Concepts is an essential ingredient in each customer’s success. We provide niche company attention together with large company products, value, services, and capabilities.

Flaking and Pastillation

Cedar Concepts manufactures products in forms such as flakes and pastilles, that offer significant benefits including faster processing, easier handling, reduced shipping costs, and a safer workplace. For more information, visit the Services page.