Cedar Concepts is a chemical manufacturer of surfactants, lubricants, and chemical intermediates. Since 1991, we have been delivering industry-leading speed, flexibility, processing capabilities, and
world class customer service. Cedar Concepts may not be a household name, but chances are good that you’ll find products with our ingredients throughout your home and workplace.

We currently work with about 500 generally sought formulations. Most are solids and liquids used in personal care, household products or to aid in metalworking, agricultural, and aerospace processes marketed by multi-national corporations under familiar brand names. We supply key ingredients with the quality, cost-effectiveness, speed, and flexibility our customers are not geared to achieve internally.

Our technical and operations management, as well as support staff, boast decades of experience in the chemical industry. We encourage customers to take advantage of our strategically located Chicago plant and make it their virtual Midwest facility. Customer access to such a large-scale production facility has the advantage of reduced transportation time and cost savings, and better service throughout customers’ geographic markets.

We understand the trust that this requires and we pledge to honor it with consistent excellence in every facet of customer service, production, R&D, and shipping.

As a company, we strive to be an essential ingredient in our customer’s success through collaboration, applied science, and demonstrated value. Our customers look to us to provide innovative chemistries, formulations, and solutions for some of the most demanding applications on earth.

Today, Cedar Concepts has grown significantly into a multi-million dollar corporation, and shipping more than 50 million pounds of product annually.

We deliver on time, within budget, to specification, in a safe environment, at an affordable price. At Cedar Concepts, it’s not a cliché: Each customer’s success really is our success.